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CHOCOALT CACAO FARM   – Nearby – (Spanish Only)

We are proud to offer Chocoatl Organic Chocolate Bars here at La Carolina Lodge. These bars are made from the cacao that is sourced from Rincon Verde, a local chocolate farm 4 km (2.5mi) from the lodge. The local owners are happy to welcome you to Rincon Verde and give you a tour of their farm. This tour includes a look at a Ceiba tree that is over 300 years old. The tour is in Spanish only and the cost depends on the number of people going on the tour. Please advise one of our staff members who can call and make the reservation for you. If you don’t speak Spanish, you can ask about the other tour at another farm close by. This tour can be in either Spanish or English. Both are great tours, but we prefer to send people to Rincon Verde to support a small, local farm and a previous employee of La Carolina Lodge.

What to bring and What to wear.

We recommend that you wear closed toed shoes and long pants, as the tour of Rincon Verde is through the farm and property so there is not an established pathway. For this reason we also suggest sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and bug spray. You will be both in the shade and the sun. You will pay for your tour of Rincon Verde here at the lodge before leaving for your tour. You can take money with you to purchase items they may have for sale, such as cacao powder, bars and cocoa nibs.4

Duration of the tour: Approx. 1 hour

Time driving: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance Fee: $35* 1 or 2 person / $12* per person 3 or more person / Child (-10 yrs) free*.

*Prices may vary without prior notice

Booking: At the Lodge

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