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Tapir Valley Nature Reserve

Night Walk at Tapir Valley Nature Reserve – Nearby –


Tapir Valley is a private nature reserve located 20 minutes away from La Carolina Lodge.  On the 220 acres of protec land in Tapir Valley our clients can visit for day walks with a specialized naturalist guide, bird watching and night walks in more than 6km of trails, where you find variety of wildlife and if you lucky you can see the Tapir (a mammal can grow up to 1.5 meters long (5 feet) and more than 250 kg (550 pounds).

Tapir Valley Nature Reserve is a perfect place for:

• Nature lovers.

• Birdwatchers.

• Photographers.

• People who want to visit the rainforest without mass tourism.

How to reserve:

WhatsApp +506 71453733

Email: [email protected]

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