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Butterfly Garden

The Sanctuary and Butterfly Garden   – Nearby –

The Peniel Butterfly Garden was born as a family project, with the intention of exhibiting and conserving the butterflys.
Here you can learn more about them, observe the beauty of bright colors, learn more about the metamorphosis process from when it is an egg until it comes out of its chrysalis, giving them a large and beautiful garden with their respective host plants.
The project tries to conserve the butterflies because deforestation, burning and pollution can lead to the extinction of many of these species.
In the Peniel butterfly garden we have 15 species such as.
Morpho, Monarchs, Greta Oto (Crystal butterfly) Heliconius Hecale, Heliconius Charitonia, Anartia Fatima, Battus, Heliconius Dido, Consul, Caligo and more.

Bring: Camera, walking shoes, Insect repellant, sun hat and sunglasses

Duration: Approx. 30 minutes.

Level of Difficulty:  Easy

Cost: Free entry for purchase at El Sabor De Doña Carmen restaurant.
Our staff can help you make reservations.


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