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San Miguel, Bijagua, Costa Rica | Reservations USA & Elsewhere (English & Spanish (WhatsApp Only) +506.2466.6393 Reception Costa Rica (Spanish Only) +506.7225.6298

This Lodge does not exist, it is a myth :)

It’s a mirage, a place you dream about, a perfect stop in exploring the diverse nature and eco systems of Costa Rica. In my 11 years some 35 trips to this splendid country, this lodge is what puts Charm in the word Rustic, and its is this type of lodge and area that is why getting off the beaten path, and all the efforts to go the long way, or the old way, pays off, and rewards you with a gem like this.

My wife did not want to leave, me neither but had a schedule to keep. The owners are gracious and passionate about their special farm, and local ties they have nurtured, like so many of the great lodge owners in this region of the world, there is a bigger reason than just a change of lifestyle, its a dream come true, and you get the chance to be a part of it.

Kick back, chill out, relax, unwind, and enjoy, hike the nearby Celeste Waterfalls and Park trails, and ride horses on the large rolling green hills of the mountains, enjoy the Tico way of life, slightly altered by southern charm and hard work.

The cabins, rooms, food, lodge, is all what makes it a departure from the usual places, here, its all about no TV, no phone, fireplaces, hot soaking tubs, jungle canopy and home cooking.

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